#15 Reflective Blog

I writing this blog during winter vacation. In semester 1, I had many experiences from different modules. For managing a creative business module, I studied finance, intellectual property, advertising, branding and marketing. Also. We experienced that studying to run a company by playing the BSG game. At the same time, I have become more aware of blogging.

I want to talk about my journey of writing blogs at first. To be honest, writing blogs is a thing I think I should do but I haven’t done it before because of a variety of reasons. However, our session provides an opportunity and a platform I can do it. In the beginning, I thought blog is an area where I can write my own things whatever the topic the style of words, just follow my heart. I tried to do something for my blog, even though now it is probably the same situation. Then, with the studying of our sessions, I knew I had to posit myself, I had to think about who is my audience, except the professor, what is my main attractive factor, so I started to write about movies as the sample. I combine the knowledge I got from different sessions and samples. I was trying to make the main topic of my blog. Until now, film still is my main topic, so in this blog, I am also going to reflect on what did I got from the different sessions on the sample I am gonna give. If you interested in Chinese film, please continue~ Or you can jump to the second part, because I will write about my courses before that.

Firstly, I will memorize what did I study during the semester 1 about different subjects. My background is Film and Television management and planning, which is combine art and business but for me, I thought this subject more from the art perspective, I wrote the article about analyzing movie from audiovisual language and did some technical things like shooting micro movie, photography and editing video. However, for the master course, I thought it is the same, but now I think I have to think about the value, the benefits first. With my study in this module, I change my thinking habit. I started to explore the value behind the movies. For example, I focused on the visual, the music, the color, the props and other art factors in a movie in the past, but now, after I watched a movies, I also think about something about how the company advertise the movie, what is the core competitiveness of the movie, who is the targeting audiences of this movie. Since this module, I got knowledge about these things. I will review the knowledge I think is an important part of different areas step by step. Also, it is an opportunity to stronger knowledge. I will stats with the business model. That was the first time I know the business model, which is an overview of a business model, and it includes 9 factors, almost cover all the things that entrepreneurs should consider about of running a business, such as the partner, the channel, the customer segments and other factors. Next step, we should think about the market before we enter the market, so we have marketing. For instance, positing our product or service, targeting our customers and analyzing competitors and markets. Advertising is the one important part of marketing, which also is a solution for attracting customers. The most important thing for a business in long term development could be branding. Branding could bring competitiveness, fixed customers, reputations and other benefits to the business. These subjects in managing a creative business bring many new perspectives and methods of thinking to me.

With the development of the times, not only a real company could become a business, but also an intangible or abstract thing, especially in the creative economy, such as we-media. In a similar way, a series of movies in the film industry also need to think about the above factors. A movie also has its targeting audiences, competitors, points of parity and something like this. Therefore, I am going to combine these points and film to detail by analyzing a Chinese movie named Detective Chinatown. “Detective Chinatown” is a comedy-mystery buddy film directed by Chen Sicheng, which is series of movies. The first movie of this series was released in 2015. After that, the same series of movies are released every year during the Spring Festival vacation. By 2019, the Internet TV series with the same name had been produced.

First of all, I trying to analyze the business model of this movie. The main group of customers is the people who like watching movies, especially the people who like comedy and mystery. This movie is released in the cinema in all China, cinema is its channel. About one month after release, people can watch it on other network video platforms. So network video platform could be one of the key partners. Also, any company that invests and promotes the film are key partners. In the early stage of filming, costs such as script creation will be incurred. During the filming process, shooting, venue, personnel and other expenses will be incurred. Publicity costs will be incurred before the release. These all are cost structures. Furthermore, the movie revenue stream through the box office, advertising placement, etc.

In 2020, the online series of the same name was also launched on the online video platform, which is still has a comedy and mystery style. Also, in the “Detective Chinatown 2” film version, there is a game application of detective reasoning also connected with the plot, and the characters in the rank in this APP also connected with the plot. According to the Chen Sichen who is director of “Detective Chinatown”(2018), The online series of the same name was broadcast to strengthen the popularity of this concept of “Detective Chinatown” and its dependence on this concept, also some similar even the same factors both in series and movies. Chen Sicheng also mentioned his points of “Detective Chinatown” broadcasting the online series to hope that everyone can build a connection of emotions with other detectives who appearing in the detective game rank in “Detective Chinatown 2”. If the online series is successful after broadcasting, these detectives could independently become the protagonists of a movie or a story. After that, these detective characters may be assembled in one movie. So what Chen Sicheng is creating is not just a movie, a whole concept is being created by him. Maybe in the future, games, film, comic books and other forms of production in the creative economy will be produced with a similar concept.

“Detective Chinatown” online series version poster
The game appearing in the movie

Moreover, the “Detective Chinatown” online series version launched on January 1, 2020, and the film version will be released on January 25, 2020. For advertising, online series and movie versions could promote each other, at the same time, the impact of this concept on the audiences also be strengthened in this way. In addition, they also have a traditional way of advertising, such as Light-box advertising, production of promotional videos and other traditional advertising.

I think the most important thing for the long-term development of a business is what the director is doing now, which is branding. A macro concept, different characters, a continuously enhanced detective theme and so on are being continuously improved and strengthened by Chen Sicheng. Additionally, he also could be a brand of himself. In other words, he branding both his concept of comedy-mystery movies and himself at the same time. Combining comedy and mystery could be a point of parity for this series of films. These two buddies and this style could be his mantras for these movies. When his whole concept is more perfect, this will translate into box office security. Investors and distribution companies will rely more on this director and his sequel. More value and benefits will be generated as a result. However, the idea and concept of this director are still in progress. I also look forward to the development in the future.

By writing here, I believe I will know more about what I have learned this semester. In addition, the BSG game is also worth mentioning. Although this game is not relevant to the creative economy, it has made us realize the difficulty of operating companies. Also, let me know that I still have a lot of deficiencies in business things. In the next semester, I will continue to improve my professional knowledge and ability f writing blog.


Chen S,2018, In-depth Interview | Chen Sicheng and His Methodology of “The Universe of Detective Chinatown” interviewed by Fulai, for CineHello, 22 October. Available at: https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1614984757020231243&wfr=spider&for=pc (Accessed: 6 January)

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